Our Design Services

Fire is a good blessing if used in good ways but if it’s uncontrollable then it can destroy your business, homes, vital equipments and very important documents in an instant. That is why DVK Dynamic offers the best monitoring and installation that will keep everything and everyone safe.

For over a decade, our dedication to providing exceptional products and services to commercial, public, private and government institutions, has made our fire alarm division the cornerstone of DVK Dynamic.

An integral part of a comprehensive security system is access control. Using card reader technology, access to a building, room or area is restricted to authorized people who possess one or more credentials. 

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Video surveillance systems have come a long way in the past decade. Security cameras have always provided a great return on investment; however, with impressive advancements in technology, this service is now even better than before. Take advantage of this cost-effective option to monitor your company from virtually anywhere in the world with security cameras for your business from DVK Dynamic.

A major part of any new construction project or retrofit design is confirming that the physical cable plant, behind the walls and above the ceilings, is well thought out and planned before the walls are sealed and the ceilings are closed. Additionally, before new simulation software and A/V systems are implemented a review of existing and future IT platforms and Network Infrastructure is necessary to validate that the bandwidth is sufficient.