A major part of any new construction project or retrofit design is confirming that the physical cable plant, behind the walls and above the ceilings, is well thought out and planned before the walls are sealed and the ceilings are closed. Additionally, before new simulation software and A/V systems are implemented a review of existing and future IT platforms and Network Infrastructure is necessary to validate that the bandwidth is sufficient.

As part of the DVK Dynamic infrastructure planning service, we provide the design and guidelines required by the general and sub-contractors to ensure that the simulation AV will perform as designed. But more importantly, the service we provide allows the hospital to properly budget the electrical, low voltage, IT and network infrastructure before the project is committed.

DVK Dynamic will:

  • Produce detailed system specifications.
  • Create AutoCAD drawings (conduit and detailed wiring) of a proposed system or design change.
  • Perform an analysis of the specifications and preliminary plans to determine if any improvements or changes are necessary.

DVK Dynamic is often called upon to provide conduit drawings as well as detailed electrical wiring diagrams for a Simulation Center project.

local communcation network 5

Design and construction of low voltage networks

DVK Dynamic offers a wide range of services, design and construction:

  • Cable duct systems;
  • Fiber-optic communication lines;
  • Structured lines of communication, which include:
    • Ethernet and telephone networks,
    • Video surveillance,
    • Fire alarm systems,
    • Network access control and alarm systems;
  • Power networks;
  • Lightning protection systems.